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Allard B, Wijkhuisen A, Borrull A, Deshayes F, Priam F, Lamourette P, Ducancel F, Boquet D, Couraud JY. (2013).
Generation and characterization of rendomab-B1, a monoclonal antibody displaying potent and specific antagonism of the human endothelin B receptor
mAbs 5: 56-69. IF:05,275 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Baudoin R, Prot JM, Nicolas G, Brocheton J, Brochot C, Legallais C, Benech H, Leclerc E. (2013).
Evaluation of seven drug metabolisms and clearances by cryopreserved human primary hepatocytes cultivated in microfluidic biochips
Xenobiotica 43: 140-152. IF:01,984 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Ben Naya R, Matti K, Guellier A, Matagne A, Boquet D, Thomas D, Friboulet A, Avalle B, Padiolleau-Lefevre S. (2013).
Efficient refolding of a recombinant abzyme
Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 97: 7721-7731. IF:03,689 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Boudah S, Paris A, Junot C. (2013).
Liquid Chromatography Coupled to Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomics and the Concept of Biomarker
Adv. Bot. Res. 67: 159-218. IF:02,292 (Review; Book Chapter) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Bourne Y, Renault L, Essono S, Mondielli G, Lamourette P, Boquet D, Grassi J, Marchot P. (2013).
Molecular Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies that Inhibit Acetylcholinesterase by Targeting the Peripheral Site and Backdoor Region
PLoS ONE 8: -. IF:03,730 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Bouzid W, Klopp C, Verdenaud M, Ducancel F, Vetillard A. (2013).
Profiling the venom gland transcriptome of Tetramorium bicarinatum (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): The first transcriptome analysis of an ant species
Toxicon 70: 70-81. IF:02,924 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Choucha-Snouber L, Aninat C, Grsicom L, Madalinski G, Brochot C, Poleni PE, Razan F, Guillouzo CG, Legallais C, Corlu A, Leclerc E. (2013).
Investigation of ifosfamide nephrotoxicity induced in a liver-kidney co-culture biochip
Biotechnol. Bioeng. 110: 597-608. IF:03,648 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Cochereau D, Junot C. (2013).
Metabolomics contribution to predictive biomarker discovery
Oncologie 15: 461-466. IF:00,097 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Credou J, Volland H, Dano J, Berthelot T. (2013).
A one-step and biocompatible cellulose functionalization for covalent antibody immobilization on immunoassay membranes
J. Mat. Chem. B 1: 3277-3286. IF:non répertorié (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Domingo P, Mateo MG, Pruvost A, Torres F, Salazar J, Gutierrez MD, Cabeza MC, Domingo JC, Fernandez I, Villarroya F, Vidal F, Baiget M, de la Calle-Martin O. (2013).
Polymorphisms of Pyrimidine Pathway Enzymes Encoding Genes and HLA-B*40:01 Carriage in Stavudine-Associated Lipodystrophy in HIV- Infected Patients
PLoS ONE 8: -. IF:03,730 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Feraudet-Tarisse C, Vaisanen-Tunkelrott ML, Moreau K, Lamourette P, Creminon C, Volland H. (2013).
Pathogen-free screening of bacteria-specific hybridomas for selecting high-quality monoclonal antibodies against pathogen bacteria as illustrated for Legionella pneumophila
J. Immunol. Methods 391: 81-94. IF:02,225 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Fouillen L, Colsch B, Lessire R. (2013).
The Lipid World Concept of Plant Lipidomics
Adv. Bot. Res. 67: 331-376. IF:02,292 (Review; Book Chapter) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Harati R, Benech H, Villegier AS, Mabondzo A. (2013).
P-Glycoprotein, Breast Cancer Resistance Protein, Organic Anion Transporter 3, and Transporting Peptide 1a4 during Blood-Brain Barrier Maturation: Involvement of Wnt/beta-Catenin and Endothelin-1 Signaling
Mol. Pharm. 10: 1566-1580. IF:04,570 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Hebert A, Forquin-Gomez MP, Roux A, Aubert J, Junot C, Heilier JF, Landaud S, Bonnarme P, Beckerich JM. (2013).
New Insights into Sulfur Metabolism in Yeasts as Revealed by Studies of Yarrowia lipolytica
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 79: 1200-1211. IF:03,678 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Ichou F, Lesage D, Machuron-Mandard X, Junot C, Cole RB, Tabet JC. (2013).
Collision cell pressure effect on CID spectra pattern using triple quadrupole instruments: a RRKM modeling
J. Mass Spectrom. 48: 179-186. IF:03,214 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Kikkas I, Mallone R, Tubiana-Rufi N, Chevenne D, Carel JC, Creminon C, Volland H, Boitard C, Morel N. (2013).
A Simple and Fast Non-Radioactive Bridging Immunoassay for Insulin Autoantibodies
PLoS ONE 8: e69021. IF:03,730 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Kolodych S, Rasolofonjatovo E, Chaumontet M, Nevers MC, Creminon C, Taran F. (2013).
Discovery of Chemoselective and Biocompatible Reactions Using a High-Throughput Immunoassay Screening
Angew. Chem.-Int. Edit. 52: 12056-12060. IF:13,734 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Mahendra A, Peyron I, Dollinger C, Gilardin L, Sharma M, Wootla B, Padiolleau-Lefevre S, Friboulet A, Boquet D, Legendre C, Kaveri SV, Thaunat O, Lacroix-Desmazes S. (2013).
IVIg Treatment Reduces Catalytic Antibody Titers of Renal Transplanted Patients
PLoS ONE 8: -. IF:03,730 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Mebarek MA, Wijkhuisen A, Adel-Patient K, Lamourette P, Leonetti M, Volland H. (2013).
Production of human antibodies by in vitro immunization using a fusion protein containing the transcriptional transactivator of HIV-1
J. Immunol. Methods 396: 96-106. IF:02,225 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Narainsamy K, Cassier-Chauvat C, Junot C, Chauvat F. (2013).
High performance analysis of the cyanobacterial metabolism via liquid chromatography coupled to a LTQ-Orbitrap mass spectrometer: evidence that glucose reprograms the whole carbon metabolism and triggers oxidative stress
Metabolomics 9: 21-32. IF:04,433 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SBIGeM; iBiTec-S/SB2SM; iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Nonno R, Di Bari MA, D'Agostino C, Vaccari G, Marcon S, Riccardi G, Lantier F, Acin C, Torres JM, Andreoletti O, Goldmann W, Sklaviadis T, Fast C, Acutis PL, Simon S, Spiropoulos J, Langeveld J, Bossers A, Agrimi U. (2013).
Biological characterization of European goat TSE isolates by bioassay in bank voles
Prion 7: 33-34. IF:02,133 (Meeting Abstract) [iBiTec-S/SPI]


Nozach H, Fruchart-Gaillard C, Fenaille F, Beau F, Ramos OHP, Douzi B, Saez NJ, Moutiez M, Servent D, Gondry M, Thai R, Cuniasse P, Vincentelli R, Dive V. (2013).
High throughput screening identifies disulfide isomerase DsbC as a very efficient partner for recombinant expression of small disulfide-rich proteins in E. coli
Microb. Cell. Fact. 12: -. IF:03,306 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SIMOPRO; iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Oppenheim HA, Lucero J, Guyot AC, Herbert LM, McDonald JD, Mabondzo A, Lund AK. (2013).
Exposure to vehicle emissions results in altered blood brain barrier permeability and expression of matrix metalloproteinases and tight junction proteins in mice
Part. Fibre Toxicol. 10: -. IF:09,178 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Ortega C, Herbet A, Richard S, Kersual N, Costa N, Pelegrin A, Ducancel F, Couraud JY, Navarro-Teulon I, Boquet D. (2013).
High level prokaryotic expression of anti-Mullerian inhibiting substance type II receptor diabody, a new recombinant antibody for in vivo ovarian cancer imaging
J. Immunol. Methods 387: 11-20. IF:02,225 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Pirisinu L, Esposito E, Vaccari G, D'Agostino C, Marcon S, Di Bari MA, Lantier F, Acin C, Torres JM, Andreoletti O, Goldmann W, Sklaviadis T, Fast C, Acutis PL, Simon S, Langeveld J, Bossers A, Agrimi U, Nonno R. (2013).
Biochemical characterization of European goat TSE isolates and discrimination from goat BSE
Prion 7: 27-28. IF:02,133 (Meeting Abstract) [iBiTec-S/SPI]


Schwarzenberg A, Ichou F, Cole RB, Machuron-Mandard X, Junot C, Lesage D, Tabet JC. (2013).
Identification tree based on fragmentation rules for structure elucidation of organophosphorus esters by electrospray mass spectrometry
J. Mass Spectrom. 48: 576-586. IF:03,214 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Scotland S, Saland E, Skuli N, De Toni F, Boutzen H, Micklow E, Senegas I, Peyraud R, Peyriga L, Theodoro F, Dumon E, Martineau Y, Danet-Desnoyers G, Bono F, Rocher C, Levade T, Manenti S, Junot C, Portais JC, Alet N, Recher C, Selak MA, Carroll M, Sarry JE. (2013).
Mitochondrial energetic and AKT status mediate metabolic effects and apoptosis of metformin in human leukemic cells
Leukemia 27: 2129-2138. IF:10,164 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Simon S, Demeure C, Lamourette P, Filali S, Plaisance M, Creminon C, Volland H, Carniel E. (2013).
Fast and Simple Detection of Yersinia pestis Applicable to Field Investigation of Plague Foci
PLoS ONE 8: e54947. IF:03,730 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Terrat Y, Verdenaud M, Ducancel F. (2013).
High-throughput venom-gland toxin transcriptome of an Atractaspididae burrowing asp Snake: Atractaspis aterrima
Toxicon 75: 223-223. IF:02,924 (Meeting Abstract) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Terrat Y, Ducancel F. (2013).
Are there unequivocal criteria to label a given protein as a toxin? Permissive versus conservative annotation processes
Genome Biol. 14: 406-412. IF:10,288 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Terrat Y, Sunagar K, Fry BG, Jackson TNW, Scheib H, Fourmy R, Verdenaud M, Blanchet G, Antunes A, Ducancel F. (2013).
Atractaspis aterrima Toxins: The First Insight into the Molecular Evolution of Venom in Side-Stabbers
Toxins 5: 1948-1964. IF:02,129 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI] Lien vers le web


Trotier-Faurion A, Dezard S, Taran F, Valayannopoulos V, De Lonlay P, Mabondzo A. (2013).
Synthesis and biological evaluation of new creatine Fatty esters revealed dodecyl creatine ester as a promising drug candidate for the treatment of the creatine transporter deficiency
J. Med. Chem. 56: 5173-5181. IF:05,614 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI; iBiTec-S/SCBM] Lien vers le web

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