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14C labelling

Frédéric TARAN
CEA Saclay/Bât. 547

Tél: (+33) 1 69 08 26 85

Our group is interested in the discovery of new catalysts and new chemical reactions by using novel high-throughput screening methods.

Moyens humains
Frédéric TARAN, Group Leader
Sophie DEZARD, Researcher
Dominique GEORGIN, Researcher
Olivier LOREAU, Researcher
Sandra GABILLET, Research Technician
Evelia AUDISIO, Postdoctoral Fellow
Mélanie FERRIE, Postdoctoral Fellow
Simon SPEKLIN, Postdoctoral Fellow
Sergii KOLODYCH, PhD Student

Thèmes de recherche

Our goal is to apply new synthetic organic chemistry and high throughput screening methods to the following projects: organometallic catalysis, metal sequestering agents and carbon isotope labeling.
For this purpose, immunoassay technologies have been developed as a tool for the identification of efficient catalysts as well as for reaction discovery. The team is also involved in the design, parallel synthesis and screening of powerful metal ligands for detection or decontamination applications. Our efforts are also focused on the development of new chemical processes able to label biological active molecule as well as relevant nanoparticules with 13C or 14C in order to study their metabolism and in vivo biodistribution.

catalyse, carbone 14, metal complexants, chelates, High troughput screening


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