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Wednesday 01 October 2008

MACOVEI Christian

Screening of efficient catalysts based on immunoassays.

University : Paris XI Orsay

Jury :

  • Président : JP. Mahy
  • Rapporteurs : M. Lemaire, PY. Renard
  • Examinateurs : C. Créminon, T.R. Ward
  • Directeur de thèse : B. Rousseau


This work describes the use of immunoassays for the high-throughput screening of chemical and biological catalysts. Until now used exclusively for diagnostic purposes, these methods are employed here for the discovery of new catalysts for asymmetric and cross-coupling reactions.

Competitive immunoassays using monoclonal antibodies were excellent tools for the high-throughput screening of catalysts for the enantioselective insertion of carbenoids in the OH bond of water, while the same technique employing polyclonal antibodies was used for the screening of biocatalysts for the asymmetric ring opening of oxazolones.

We also applied the “sandwich” immunoassay technique to the monitoring of the cross-coupling reactions. More precisely, this technique, using monoclonal antibodies, allowed us to screen a large number of catalysts for the azide-alkyne copper mediated cyclodaddition.