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Bayer J, Grunwald D, Lambert C, Mayol JF, Maynadie M. (2007).Thematic workshop on fluorescence compensation settings in multicolor flow cytometry. Cytometry B. 72: 8-13. Lien vers le web

Bercht M, Flohr-Beckhaus C, Osterod M, Runger TM, Radicella JP, Epe B. (2007).Is the repair of oxidative DNA base modifications inducible by a preceding DNA damage induction? DNA Repair. 6: 367-373. Lien vers le web

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Denys A, Avazeri N, Lefèvre B. (2007).The PKC pathway and in particular its beta1 isoform is clearly involved in meiotic arrest maintenance but poorly in FSH-induced meiosis resumption of the mouse cumulus cell enclosed oocyte. Mol Reprod Dev. 74: 1575-80. Lien vers le web

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