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Abreu F, Morillo V, Nascimento FF, Werneck C, Cantao ME, Ciapina LP, de Almeida LGP, Lefevre CT, Bazylinski DA, de Vasconcelos ATR, Lins U. (2014).
Deciphering unusual uncultured magnetotactic multicellular prokaryotes through genomics
ISME J. 8: 1055-1068. IF:08.951 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Arnoux P, Siponen MI, Lefevre CT, Ginet N, Pignol D. (2014).
Structure and evolution of the magnetochrome domains: no longer alone
Front. Microbiol. 5: -. IF:non répertorié (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Beccia M, Pardoux R, Sauge-Merle S, Bremond N, Lemaire D, Berthomieu C, Delangle P, Guilbaud P. (2014).
Engineering of specific uranyl-coordination sites in the calcium-binding motif of Calmodulin
J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. 19: S267-S267. IF:03,353 (Meeting Abstract) [iBEB/SBVME]


Belaid A, Ndiaye PD, Cerezo M, Cailleteau L, Brest P, Klionsky DJ, Carle GF, Hofman P, Mograbi B. (2014).
Autophagy and SQSTM1 on the RHOA(d) again Emerging roles of autophagy in the degradation of signaling proteins
Autophagy 10: 201-208. IF:12,042 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Berta P, Bourg G, Hanna N, Saadeh B, Armengaud J, Patey G, O'Callaghan D. (2014).
The Brucella suis IbpA heat-shock chaperone is not required for virulence or for expression of the VirB type IV secretion system VirB8 protein
Lett. Appl. Microbiol. 58: 564-568. IF:01.629 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Bland C, Bellanger L, Arrnengaud J. (2014).
Magnetic Immunoaffinity Enrichment for Selective Capture and MS/MS Analysis of N-Terminal-TMPP-Labeled Peptides
J. Proteome Res. 13: 668-680. IF:05,056 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Boca S, Koestler F, Ksas B, Chevalier A, Leymarie J, Fekete A, Mueller MJ, Havaux M. (2014).
Arabidopsis lipocalins AtCHL and AtTIL have distinct but overlapping functions essential for lipid protection and seed longevity
Plant Cell Environ. 37: 368-381. IF:05,135 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Cambien B, Franken PR, Lamit A, Mauxion T, Richard-Fiardo P, Guglielmi J, Crescence L, Mari B, Pourcher T, Darcourt J, Bardies M, Vassaux G. (2014).
(TcO4-)-Tc-99m-, Auger-Mediated Thyroid Stunning: Dosimetric Requirements and Associated Molecular Events
PLoS ONE 9: -. IF:03,730 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Chatelain G, Bourgeois D, Ravaux J, Averseng O, Vidaud C, Meyer D. (2014).
Alternate dipping preparation of biomimetic apatite layers in the presence of carbonate ions
Biomed. Mater. 9: -. IF:02,174 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Darrouzet E, Lindenthal S, Marcellin D, Pellequer J L, Pourcher T. (2014).
The sodium/iodide symporter: State of the art of its molecular characterization
Biochim Biophys Acta - Biomembranes 1838: 244-253. IF:03,389 (Review) [iBEB/SBTN; ToxicoPT/Distriode] Lien vers le web


Delangle P, Berthomieu C. (2014).
Mimic the living to trap radionuclides
Biofutur 39-42. IF:00,051 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME; ToxicoPT/Calumo]


Durighello E, Christie-Oleza JA, Armengaud J. (2014).
Assessing the Exoproteome of Marine Bacteria, Lesson from a RTX-Toxin Abundantly Secreted by Phaeobacter Strain DSM 17395
PLoS ONE 9: e89691. IF:03,730 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Fernandez-Fuente M, Martin-Duque P, Vassaux G, Brown SC, Muntoni F, Terracciano CM, Piercy RJ. (2014).
Adenovirus-mediated expression of myogenic differentiation factor 1 (MyoD) in equine and human dermal fibroblasts enables their conversion to caffeine-sensitive myotubes
Neuromusc. Disord. 24: 250-258. IF:03,464 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Gaillard J, Venault L, Calvet R, Del Confetto S, Clavier N, Podor R, Odorico M, Pellequer JL, Vigier N, Moisy P. (2014).
Effect of hydration and thermal treatment on ceria surface using non-intrusive techniques
J. Nucl. Mater. 444: 359-367. IF:01,211 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Guigliarelli B, Jacques J, Ceccaldi P, Burlat B, Biaso F, Grimaldi S, Leger C, Fourmond V, Magalon A, Pignol D, Arnoux P, Sabaty M. (2014).
New insights on the reactivity of the molybdenum cofactor in bacterial nitrate reductases
J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. 19: S107-S107. IF:03,353 (Meeting Abstract) [iBEB/SBVME]


Hartmann EM, Armengaud J. (2014).
Shotgun proteomics suggests involvement of additional enzymes in dioxin degradation by Sphingomonas wittichii RW1
Environ. Microbiol. 16: 162-176. IF:05,756 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Hu J, Parot P, Pellequer JL. (2014).
Fifth International AFMBioMed Conference on AFM in Life Sciences and Medicine, 7-11 May 2013, Shanghai, China
J. Mol. Recognit. 27: 1-2. IF:03,006 (Editorial Material) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Jacques JGJ, Fourmond V, Arnoux P, Sabaty M, Etienne E, Grosse S, Biaso F, Bertrand P, Pignol D, Leger C, Guigliarelli B, Burlat B. (2014).
Reductive activation in periplasmic nitrate reductase involves chemical modifications of the Mo-cofactor beyond the first coordination sphere of the metal ion
Biochim. Biophys. Acta-Bioenerg. 1837: 277-286. IF:04,624 (Article) Lien vers le web


Ji BY, Zhang SD, Arnoux P, Rouy Z, Alberto F, Philippe N, Murat D, Zhang WJ, Rioux JB, Ginet N, Sabaty M, Mangenot S, Pradel N, Tian JS, Yang J, Zhang LC, Zhang WY, Pan HM, Henrissat B, Coutinho PM, Li Y, Xiao T, Medigue C, Barbe V, Pignol D, Talla E, Wu LF. (2014).
Comparative genomic analysis provides insights into the evolution and niche adaptation of marine Magnetospira sp QH-2 strain
Environ. Microbiol. 16: 525-544. IF:05,756 (Article) [IG/Genoscope; iBEB/SBVME]


Johnson X, Steinbeck J, Dent RM, Takahashi H, Richaud P, Ozawa SI, Houille-Vernes L, Petroutsos D, Rappaport F, Grossman AR, Niyogi KK, Hippler M, Alric J. (2014).
Proton Gradient Regulation 5-Mediated Cyclic Electron Flow under ATP- or Redox-Limited Conditions: A Study of Delta ATPase pgr5 and Delta rbcL pgr5 Mutants in the Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Plant Physiol. 165: 438-452. IF:02.320 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Khemiri A, Carrière M, Bremond N, Ben Mlouka MA, Coquet L, Llorens I, Chapon V, Jouenne T, Cosette P, Berthomieu C. (2014).
Escherichia coli Response to Uranyl Exposure at Low pH and Associated Protein Regulations
PLoS ONE 9: e89863. IF:03,730 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME; ToxicoPT/Calumo] Lien vers le web


Kielbowicz-Matuk A, Rey P, Rorat T. (2014).
Interplay between circadian rhythm, time of the day and osmotic stress constraints in the regulation of the expression of a Solanum Double B-box gene
Ann. Bot. 113: 831-842. IF:03,449 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Martelet A, L'Hostis G, Tavares P, Brasiles S, Fenaille F, Rozand C, Theretz A, Gervasi G, Tabet JC, Ezan E, Junot C, Muller BH, Becher F. (2014).
Bacterial Detection Using Unlabeled Phage Amplification and Mass Spectrometry through Structural and Nonstructural Phage Markers
J. Proteome Res. 13: 1450-1465. IF:05,056 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI; iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Meillan M, Ramin MA, Buffeteau T, Marsaudon S, Odorico M, Chen SWW, Pellequer JL, Degueil M, Heuze K, Vellutini L, Bennetau B. (2014).
Self-assembled monolayer for AFM measurements of Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) at the atomic level
RSC Adv. 4: 11927-11930. IF:02,562 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Mondy S, Lenglet A, Cosson V, Pelletier S, Pateyron S, Gilard F, Scholte M, Brocard L, Couzigou JM, Tcherkez G, Pean M, Ratet P. (2014).
GOLLUM [FeFe]-hydrogenase-like proteins are essential for plant development in normoxic conditions and modulate energy metabolism
Plant Cell Environ. 37: 54-69. IF:05,135 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Ortega R, Bresson C, Darolles C, Gautier C, Roudeau S, Perrin L, Janin M, Floriani M, Aloin V, Carmona A, Malard V. (2014).
Low-solubility particles and a Trojan-horse type mechanism of toxicity: the case of cobalt oxide on human lung cells
Part. Fibre Toxicol. 11: -. IF:09.178 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Pereira S, Malard V, Ravanat JL, Davin AH, Armengaud J, Foray N, Adam-Guillermin C. (2014).
Low Doses of Gamma-Irradiation Induce an Early Bystander Effect in Zebrafish Cells Which Is Sufficient to Radioprotect Cells
PLoS ONE 9: -. IF:03,730 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Qi L, Basset C, Averseng O, Quemeneur E, Hagege A, Vidaud C. (2014).
Characterization of UO22+ binding to osteopontin, a highly phosphorylated protein: insights into potential mechanisms of uranyl accumulation in bones
Metallomics 6: 166-176. IF:04,099 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN; iBEB/SBVME; ToxicoPT/BiomUrOs] Lien vers le web


Tabares LC, Bruch EM, Un S, de Groot A. (2014).
Manganese (II) speciation in intact cells of Deinococcus radiodurans determined by High Magnetic-Field EPR
J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. 19: S395-S395. IF:03,353 (Meeting Abstract) [iBiTec-S/SB2SM; iBEB/SBVME]


Vermeglio A, Joliot P. (2014).
Modulation of the redox state of quinones by light in Rhodobacter sphaeroides under anaerobic conditions
Photosynth. Res. 120: 237-246. IF:03,150 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web

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