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1. ABOU HAMDAN A, DEMENTIN S, LIEBGOTT PP, GUTIERREZ-SANZ O, RICHAUD P, DE LACEY AL, ROUSSET M, BERTRAND P, COURNAC L, LÉGER C (2012) Understanding and tuning the catalytic bias of hydrogenase. J Am Chem Soc 134(20):8368-71. [9.0]

2. ADAM F, ABERT-VIAN M, PELTIER G, CHEMAT F (2012) "Solvent-free" ultrasound-assisted extraction of lipids from fresh microalgae cells: a green, clean and scalable process. Bioresour Technol 114:457-65. [4.9]

3. ALFAIDY N, CHAUVET S, ANDREI S, SALOMON A, SAOUDI Y, RICHAUD P, AUDE-GARCIA C, HOFFMANN P, ANDRIEUX A, MOULIS JM, FEIGE JJ, BENHAROUGA M (2012) Prion protein expression and functional importance in developmental angiogenesis: role in oxidative stress and copper homeostasis. Antioxid Redox Signal (in press)  [8.5]

4. ARIAS-CARTIN R, GRIMALDI S, ARNOUX P, GUIGLIARELLI B, MAGALON A (2012) Cardiolipin binding in bacterial respiratory complexes: structural and functional implications. BBA-Bioenergetics 1817(10):1937-49. [4.7]

5. ARMENGAUD J (2012) Microbiology and proteomics, getting the best of both worlds! Environ Microbiol (online)  [5.6]

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9. BOUCHENAK F, HENRI P, BENREBIHA FZ, REY P (2012) Differential responses to salinity of two Atriplex halimus populations in relation to organic solutes and antioxidant systems involving thiol reductases. J Plant Physiol 169(15):1445-53 [3.0]

10. CHAPON V, PIETTE L, VESVRES MH, COPPIN F, LE MARREC C, CHRISTEN R, THEODORAKOPOULOS N, FÉVRIER L, LEVCHUK S, MARTIN-GARIN A, BERTHOMIEU C, SERGEANT C (2012) Microbial diversity in contaminated soils along the T22 trench of the Chernobyl experimental platform. Appl Geochem 27:1375-83. [2.4]

11. CHIBANI K, TARRAGO L, GUALBERTO JM, WINGSLE G, REY P, JACQUOT JP, ROUHIER N (2012) Atypical thioredoxins in poplar: the glutathione-dependent thioredoxin-like 2.1 supports the activity of target enzymes possessing a single redox active cystein. Plant Physiol 159(2):592-605. [7.0]

12. CHO D, VILLIERS F, KRONIEWICZ L, LEE S, SEO YJ, HIRSCHI KD, LEONHARDT N, KWAK JM (2012) Vacuolar CAX1 and CAX3 influence auxin transport in guard cells via regulation of apoplastic pH. Plant Physiol 160(3):1293-302. [7.0]

13. CHRISTIE-OLEZA J, FERNANDEZ B, NOGALES B, BOSCH R, ARMENGAUD J (2012) Proteomic insights into the lifestyle of an environmentally-relevant marine bacterium. ISME J 6(1):124-35. [6.4]

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15. CHRISTIE-OLEZA J, PINA-VILLALONGA JM, GUERIN P, MIOTELLO G, BOSCH R, NOGALES B, ARMENGAUD J (2012) Shotgun nanoLC-MS/MS proteogenomics to document MALDI-TOF biomarkers for screening new members of the Ruegeria genus. Environ Microbiol (online)  [5.6]

16. CHRISTIE-OLEZA JA, MIOTELLO G, ARMENGAUD J (2012) High-throughput proteogenomics of Ruegeria pomeroyi: seeding a better genomic annotation for the whole marine Roseobacter clade. BMC Genomics 13:73. [4.2]

17. CIOFANI G, DANTI S, GENCHI GG, D’ALESSANDRO D, PELLEQUER JL, ODORICO M, MATTOLI V AND GIORGI M (2012) Pilot in vivo toxicological investigation of boron nitride nanotubes. Int J Nanomed 7:19-24.  [5.0]

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24. FRANÇOIS F, LOMBARD C, GUIGNER JM, SOREAU P, BRIAN-JAISSON F, MARTINO G, VANDERVENNET M, GARCIA D, MOLINIER AL, PIGNOL D, PEDUZZI J, ZIRAH S, REBUFFAT S (2012) Isolation and characterization of environmental bacteria with mercury extracellular biosorption capacities. Appl Environ Microbiol 78:1097-106. [4.5]

25. GALKA P, SANTABARBARA S, KHUONG TT, DEGAND H, MORSOMME P, JENNINGS RC, BOEKEMA EJ, CAFFARRI S (2012) Functional analyses of the plant photosystem I-Light-Harvesting Complex II supercomplex reveal that Light-Harvesting Complex II loosely bound to photosystem II is a very efficient antenna for photosystem I in state II. Plant Cell 24(7):2963-78. [10.6]

26. GENDRIN C, CONTRERAS-MARTEL C, BOUILLOT S, ELSEN S, LEMAIRE D, SKOUFIAS DA, HUBER P, ATTREE I, DESSEN A (2012) Structural basis of cytotoxicity mediated by the Type III secretion toxin ExoU from Pseudomonas aeruginosa. PLoS Pathog 8(4):e1002637.  [9.7]

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30. KETEP S, BERGEL A, BERTRAND M, ACHOUAK W, FOUREST E (2013) Lowering the applied potential during successive scratching/re-inoculation improves the performance of microbial anodes for microbial fuel cells. Bioresource Technol 127 (448-55) [5.4]

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34. LAUGIER E, TARRAGO L, COURTEILLE A, INNOCENTI G, EYMERY F, RUMEAU D, ISSAKIDIS-BOURGUET E, REY P (2012) Involvement of thioredoxin y2 in the preservation of leaf methionine sulfoxide reductase capacity and growth under high light. Plant Cell Environ (in press)  [5.6]

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36. MIGEON A, RICHAUD P, GUINET F, BLAUDEZ D, CHALOT M (2012) Hydroponic screening of poplar for trace element tolerance and accumulation. Int J Phytoremed 14(4):350-61. [2.1]

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43. PARDOUX R, SAUGE-MERLE S, LEMAIRE D, DELANGLE P, GUILLOREAU L, ADRIANO JM, BERTHOMIEU C (2012) Modulating uranium binding affinity in engineered calmodulin EF-hand peptides: effect of phosphorylation. PLoS ONE 7(8):e41922. [4.6]

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