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Allahverdiyeva Y, Ermakova M, Eisenhut M, Zhang P P, Richaud P, Hagemann M, Cournac L, Aro E M. (2011).
Interplay between Flavodiiron Proteins and Photorespiration in Synechocystis sp PCC 6803.
Journal of Biological Chemistry. 286: 24007-24014. IF:05,328 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Alonso B, Chaussinand G, Armengaud J, Godon C. (2011).
A role for GPN-loop GTPase yGPN1 in sister chromatid cohesion.
Cell Cycle. 10: 1828-1837. IF:04,999 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Arias-Cartin R, Grimaldi S, Pommier J, Lanciano P, Schaefer C, Arnoux P, Giordano G, Guigliarelli B, Magalon A. (2011).
Cardiolipin-based respiratory complex activation in bacteria.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 108: 7781-7786. IF:09,432 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Aubert-Jousset E, Cano M, Guedeney G, Richaud P, Cournac L. (2011).
Role of HoxE subunit in Synechocystis PCC6803 hydrogenase.
FEBS JOURNAL. 278: 4035-4043. IF:3,129 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Barakat M, Ortet P, Whitworth D E. (2011).
P2CS: a database of prokaryotic two-component systems.
Nucleic acids research. 39: D771-D776. IF:07,836 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Bayle V, Arrighi J F, Creff A, Nespoulous C, Vialaret J, Rossignol M, Gonzalez E, Paz-Ares J, Nussaume L. (2011).
Arabidopsis thaliana High-Affinity Phosphate Transporters Exhibit Multiple Levels of Posttranslational Regulation.
Plant Cell. 23: 1523-1535. IF:09,396 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Bernaudat F, Frelet-Barrand A, Pochon N, Dementin S, Hivin P, Boutigny S, Rioux J B, Salvi D, Seigneurin-Berny D, Richaud P, Joyard J, Pignol D, Sabaty M, Desnos T, Pebay-Peyroula E, Darrouzet E, Vernet T, Rolland N. (2011).
Heterologous Expression of Membrane Proteins: Choosing the Appropriate Host.
PLoS ONE. 6: 17. IF:04,411 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Birtic S, Ksas B, Genty B, Mueller M J, Triantaphylides C, Havaux M. (2011).
Using spontaneous photon emission to image lipid oxidation patterns in plant tissues.
Plant Journal. 67: 1103-1115. IF:06,948 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Bresson C, Ansoborlo E, Vidaud C. (2011).
Radionuclide speciation: A key point in the field of nuclear toxicology studies.
JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL ATOMIC SPECTROMETRY. 26: 593-601. IF:04,372 (Article) [ToxNuc/MSBE iBEB/SBTN ToxicoPT/Specul'os] Lien vers le web


Cabaret O, Puel O, Botterel F, Pean M, Bretagne S, Delaforge M. (2011).


Cabaret O, Puel O, Botterel F, Pean M, Bretagne S, Delaforge M. (2011).
Contribution of uniformly C-13-enriched sterigmatocystin to the study of its pulmonary metabolism
RAPID COMMUNICATIONS IN MASS SPECTROMETRY. 25: 2704-2710. IF:02,846 (Article; Proceedings Paper) [iBiTec-S/SB2SM iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Caffarri S, Broess K, Croce R, van Amerongen H. (2011).
Excitation Energy Transfer and Trapping in Higher Plant Photosystem II Complexes with Different Antenna Sizes.
Biophysical Journal. 100: 2094-2103. IF:03.653 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Cavazza C, Martin L, Laffly E, Lebrette H, Cherrier M V, Zeppieri L, Richaud P, Carriere M, Fontecilla-Camps J C. (2011).
Histidine 416 of the periplasmic binding protein NikA is essential for nickel uptake in Escherichia coli.
FEBS Letters. 585: 711-715. IF:03,601 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Chen S W W, Pellequer J L. (2011).
DeStripe: frequency-based algorithm for removing stripe noises from AFM images.
BMC STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY. 11: 9. IF:02.476 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Chenau J, Fenaille F, Ezan E, Morel N, Lamourette P, Goossens P L, Becher F. (2011).
Sensitive Detection of Bacillus anthracis Spores by Immunocapture and Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry.
ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY. 83: 8675-8682. IF:05.856 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Clement M, Leonhardt N, Droillard M J, Reiter I, Montillet J L, Genty B, Lauriere C, Nussaume L, Noel L D. (2011).
The Cytosolic/Nuclear HSC70 and HSP90 Molecular Chaperones Are Important for Stomatal Closure and Modulate Abscisic Acid-Dependent Physiological Responses in Arabidopsis.
Plant Physiology. 156: 1481-1492. IF:06,451 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Cousson A. (2011).
Arabidopsis Ca2+-dependent protein kinase CPK3 mediates relationship of putative inositol triphosphate receptor with slow-type anion channel.
Biol Plantarum. 55: 507-521. IF:01.974 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Dedieu A, Gaillard J C, Pourcher T, Darrouzet E, Armengaud J. (2011).
Revisiting Iodination Sites in Thyroglobulin with an Organ-oriented Shotgun Strategy.
Journal of Biological Chemistry. 286: 259-269. IF:05,328 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Dreyfus C, Larrouy M, Cavelier F, Martinez J, Pignol D, Arnoux P. (2011).
The crystallographic structure of thermoNicotianamine synthase with a synthetic reaction intermediate highlights the sequential processing mechanism.
CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS. 47: 5825-5827. IF:05,787 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Estavillo G M, Crisp P A, Pornsiriwong W, Wirtz M, Collinge D, Carrie C, Giraud E, Whelan J, David P, Javot H, Brearley C, Hell R, Marin E, Pogson B J. (2011).
Evidence for a SAL1-PAP Chloroplast Retrograde Pathway That Functions in Drought and High Light Signaling in Arabidopsis.
Plant Cell. 23: 3992-4012. IF:09,396 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Eugeni Piller L, Besagni C, Ksas B, Rumeau D, Brehelin C, Glauser G, Kessler F, Havaux M. (2011).
Chloroplast lipid droplet type II NAD(P)H quinone oxidoreductase is essential for prenylquinone metabolism and vitamin K(1) accumulation.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 108: 14354-14359. IF:09,771 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Ezan E. (2011).
Bioanalysis of biotherapeutics at a crossroad.
Bioanalysis. 3: 469-471. IF:03.223 (Editorial Material) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Field B, Fiston-Lavier A S, Kemen A, Geisler K, Quesneville H, Osbourn A E. (2011).
Formation of plant metabolic gene clusters within dynamic chromosomal regions.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 108: 16116-16121. IF:09,771 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Gibon J, Richaud P, Bouron A. (2011).
Hyperforin changes the zinc-storage capacities of brain cells.
Neuropharmacology. 61: 1321-1326. IF:04,677 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Gibon J, Tu P, Bohic S, Richaud P, Arnaud J, Zhu M K, Boulay G, Bouron A. (2011).
The over-expression of TRPC6 channels in HEK-293 cells favours the intracellular accumulation of zinc.
BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-BIOMEMBRANES. 1808: 2807-2818. IF:03.990 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Ginet N, Pardoux R, Adryanczyk G, Garcia D, Brutesco C, Pignol D. (2011).
Single-Step Production of a Recyclable Nanobiocatalyst for Organophosphate Pesticides Biodegradation Using Functionalized Bacterial Magnetosomes.
PLoS ONE. 6: 7. IF:04,411 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Hirsch J, Misson J, Crisp P A, David P, Bayle V, Estavillo G M, Javot H, Chiarenza S, Mallory A C, Maizel A, Declerck M, Pogson B J, Vaucheret H, Crespi M, Desnos T, Thibaud M C, Nussaume L, Marin E. (2011).
A Novel fry1 Allele Reveals the Existence of a Mutant Phenotype Unrelated to 5 '-> 3 ' Exoribonuclease (XRN) Activities in Arabidopsis thaliana Roots.
PLoS ONE. 6: 12. IF:04,411 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Huc-Brandt S, Marcellin D, Graslin F, Averseng O, Bellanger L, Hivin P, Quemeneur E, Basquin C, Navarro V, Pourcher T, Darrouzet E. (2011).
Characterisation of the purified human sodium/iodide symporter reveals that the protein is mainly present in a dimeric form and permits the detailed study of a native C-terminal fragment.
BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-BIOMEMBRANES. 1808: 65-77. IF:03.990 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN ToxNuc/IODE] Lien vers le web


Huclier-Markai S, Sabatie A, Ribet S, Kubicek V, Paris M, Vidaud C, Hermann P, Cutler C S. (2011).
Chemical and biological evaluation of scandium(III)-polyaminopolycarboxylate complexes as potential PET agents and radiopharmaceuticals.
Radiochimica Acta. 99: 653-662. IF:01,128 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Jang G, Yi K K, Pires N D, Menand B, Dolan L. (2011).
RSL genes are sufficient for rhizoid system development in early diverging land plants.
Development. 138: 2273-2281. IF:06,898 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


John J, Gravel E, Hagege A, Li H Y, Gacoin T, Doris E. (2011).
Catalytic Oxidation of Silanes by Carbon Nanotube-Gold Nanohybrids.
ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION. 50: 7533-7536. IF:12,730 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SCBM iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


de la Tour C B, Boisnard S, Norais C, Toueille M, Bentchikou E, Vannier F, Cox M M, Sommer S, Servant P. (2011).
The deinococcal DdrB protein is involved in an early step of DNA double strand break repair and in plasmid transformation through its single-strand annealing activity.
DNA Repair. 10: 1223-1231. IF:04,293 (Article) Lien vers le web


Lautier T, Ezanno P, Baffert C, Fourmond V, Cournac L, Fontecilla-Camps J C, Soucaille P, Bertrand P, Meynial-Salles I, Leger C. (2011).
The quest for a functional substrate access tunnel in FeFe hydrogenase.
Faraday Discussions. 148: 385-407. IF:04,538 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Lechner E, Leonhardt N, Eisler H, Parmentier Y, Alioua M, Jacquet H, Leung J, Genschik P. (2011).
MATH/BTB CRL3 Receptors Target the Homeodomain-Leucine Zipper ATHB6 to Modulate Abscisic Acid Signaling.
DEVELOPMENTAL CELL. 21: 1116-1128. IF:13,946 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Lefevre C T, Menguy N, Abreu F, Lins U, Mihaly P, Prozorov T, Pignol D, Frankel R B, Bazylinski D A. (2011).
A Cultured Greigite-Producing Magnetotactic Bacterium in a Novel Group of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria.
Science. 334: 1720-1723. IF:31,377 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Liebgott P P, de Lacey A L, Burlat B, Cournac L, Richaud P, Brugna M, Fernandez V M, Guigliarelli B, Rousset M, Leger C, Dementin S. (2011).
Original Design of an Oxygen-Tolerant [NiFe] Hydrogenase: Major Effect of a Valine-to-Cysteine Mutation near the Active Site.
Journal of the American Chemical Society. 133: 986-997. IF:09,019 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Lin C, Chinnappan R, Acharya K, Pellequer J L, Jankowiak R. (2011).
On stabilization of a neutral aromatic ligand by pi-cation interactions in monoclonal antibodies.
BIOPHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. 154: 35-40. IF:02.203 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Lin C, Chinnappan R, Acharya K, Pellequer J L, Jankowiak R. (2011).
On stabilization of a neutral aromatic ligand by p-cation interactions in monoclonal antibodies.


De Luca G, Barakat M, Ortet P, Fochesato S, Jourlin-Castelli C, Ansaldi M, Py B, Fichant G, Coutinho P M, Voulhoux R, Bastien O, Marechal E, Henrissat B, Quentin Y, Noirot P, Filloux A, Mejean V, DuBow M S, Barras F, Barbe V, Weissenbach J, Mihalcescu I, Vermeglio A, Achouak W, Heulin T. (2011).
The Cyst-Dividing Bacterium Ramlibacter tataouinensis TTB310 Genome Reveals a Well-Stocked Toolbox for Adaptation to a Desert Environment.
PLoS ONE. 6: 14. IF:04,411 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME IG/Genoscope] Lien vers le web


Marboutin L, Petitjean H, Xerri B, Vita N, Dupeyrat F, Flament J P, Berthomieu D, Berthomieu C. (2011).
Profiling the Active Site of a Copper Enzyme through Its Far-Infrared Fingerprint.
ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION. 50: 8062-8066. IF:12,730 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME ToxNuc/CB] Lien vers le web


Mesmin C, Fenaille F, Ezan E, Becher F. (2011).
MS-based approaches for studying the pharmacokinetics of protein drugs.
Bioanalysis. 3: 477-480. IF:03.223 (Editorial Material) [iBiTec-S/SPI iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Mesmin C, Fenaille F, Becher F, Tabet J C, Ezan E. (2011).
Identification and Characterization of Apelin Peptides in Bovine Colostrum and Milk by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry.
JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH. 10: 5222-5231. IF:05,460 (Article) [iBiTec-S/SPI iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Migeon A, audinot J N, Eybe T, Richaud P, Blaudez D, Chalot M. (2011).
Cadmium and zinc localization by SIMS in leaves of Populus deltoides (cv. Lena) grown in a metal polluted soil.
SURFACE AND INTERFACE ANALYSIS. 43: 367–369. IF:01,247 (Article) [ToxNuc/TRANSPLAM iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Mondani L, Benzerara K, Carriere M, Christen R, Mamindy-Pajany Y, Fevrier L, Marmier N, Achouak W, Nardoux P, Berthomieu C, Chapon V. (2011).
Influence of Uranium on Bacterial Communities: A Comparison of Natural Uranium-Rich Soils with Controls.
PLoS ONE. 6: 11. IF:04,411 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME ToxicoPT/BiotUrBacium] Lien vers le web


Mornico Damien, Miché Lucie, Béna Gilles, Nouwen Nico, Verméglio André, Vallenet David, Smith Alexander AT, Giraud Eric, Médigue Claudine, Moulin Lionel. (2011).
Comparative Genomics of Aeschynomene Symbionts: Insights into the Ecological Lifestyle of Nod-Independent Photosynthetic Bradyrhizobia.
Genes. 3: 35-61. IF:non répertorié [iBEB/SBVME IG/Genoscope] Lien vers le web


Nagashima S, Shimoda K, Vermeglio A, Nagashima K V P. (2011).
The cytochrome c(8) involved in the nitrite reduction pathway acts also as electron donor to the photosynthetic reaction center in Rubrivivax gelatinosus.
BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-BIOENERGETICS. 1807: 189-196. IF:04.843 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Nguyen H M, Baudet M, Cuine S, Adriano J M, Barthe D, Billon E, Bruley C, Beisson F, Peltier G, Ferro M, Li-Beisson Y. (2011).
Proteomic profiling of oil bodies isolated from the unicellular green microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: With focus on proteins involved in lipid metabolism.
Proteomics. 11: 4266-4273. IF:04,815 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Ortet P, Barakat M, Lalaouna D, Fochesato S, Barbe V, Vacherie B, Santaella C, Heulin T, Achouak W. (2011).
Complete Genome Sequence of a Beneficial Plant Root-Associated Bacterium, Pseudomonas brassicacearum.
JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY. 193: 3146-3146. IF:03,726 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Pellequer J L, Chen S W W, Saboulard D, Delcourt M, Negrier C, Plantier J L. (2011).
Functional mapping of factor VIII C2 domain.
THROMBOSIS AND HAEMOSTASIS. 106: 121-131. IF:04,701 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Peret B, Clement M, Nussaume L, Desnos T. (2011).
Root developmental adaptation to phosphate starvation: better safe than sorry.
TRENDS IN PLANT SCIENCE. 16: 442-450. IF:10,095 (Review) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Pons J, Tanchou V, Girault J P, Bertho G, Evrard-Todeschi N. (2011).
NMR Applications for Identifying beta-TrCP Protein-Ligand Interactions.


Prat O, Ansoborlo E, Sage N, Cavadore D, Lecoix J, Kurttio P, Quemeneur E. (2011).
From cell to man: Evaluation of osteopontin as a possible biomarker of uranium exposure.
ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL. 37: 657-662. IF:04,691 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN ToxNuc/CMA] Lien vers le web


Richard-Fiardo P, Franken P R, Harrington K J, Vassaux G, Cambien B. (2011).
The use of molecular imaging of gene expression by radiotracers in gene therapy.
EXPERT OPINION ON BIOLOGICAL THERAPY. 11: 1273-1285. IF:03,279 (Review) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


de Rivoyre M, Ginet N, Bouyer P, Lavergne J. (2011).
Excitation transfer connectivity in different purple bacteria: A theoretical and experimental study (vol 1797, pg 1780, 2010).
BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-BIOENERGETICS. 1807: 390-390. IF:04.843 (Correction) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Schepetilnikov M, Kobayashi K, Geldreich A, Caranta C, Robaglia C, Keller M, Ryabova L A. (2011).
Viral factor TAV recruits TOR/S6K1 signalling to activate reinitiation after long ORF translation.
EMBO Journal. 30: 1343-1356. IF:10,124 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Schmitt C, Strazielle N, Richaud P, Bouron A, Ghersi-Egea J F. (2011).
Active transport at the blood-CSF barrier contributes to manganese influx into the brain.
JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY. 117: 747-756. IF:04,480 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Schue M, Fekete A, Ortet P, Brutesco C, Heulin T, Schmitt-Kopplin P, Achouak W, Santaella C. (2011).
Modulation of Metabolism and Switching to Biofilm Prevail over Exopolysaccharide Production in the Response of Rhizobium alamii to Cadmium.
PLoS ONE. 6: 10. IF:04,411 (Article) [ToxNuc/TRANSPLAM iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Siaut M, Cuine S, Cagnon C, Fessler B, Nguyen M, Carrier P, Beyly A, Beisson F, Triantaphylides C, Li-Beisson Y H, Peltier G. (2011).
Oil accumulation in the model green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: characterization, variability between common laboratory strains and relationship with starch reserves.
BMC Biotechnology. 11: 15. IF:02,349 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Sormani R, Delannoy E, Lageix S, Bitton F, Lanet E, Saez-Vasquez J, Deragon J M, Renou J P, Robaglia C. (2011).
Sublethal Cadmium Intoxication In Arabidopsis thaliana Impacts Translation at Multiple Levels.
PLANT AND CELL PHYSIOLOGY. 52: 436-447. IF:04,257 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME ToxNuc/TRANSPLAM] Lien vers le web


Teulon J M, Delcuze Y, Odorico M, Chen S W W, Parot P, Pellequer J L. (2011).
Single and multiple bonds in (strept)avidin-biotin interactions.
JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR RECOGNITION. 24: 490-502. IF:02,959 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN ToxNuc/CMA] Lien vers le web


Tolleter D, Ghysels B, Alric J, Petroutsos D, Tolstygina I, Krawietz D, Happe T, Auroy P, Adriano J M, Beyly A, Cuine S, Plet J, Reiter I M, Genty B, Cournac L, Hippler M, Peltier G. (2011).
Control of Hydrogen Photoproduction by the Proton Gradient Generated by Cyclic Electron Flow in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
Plant Cell. 23: 2619-2630. IF:09,396 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web


Trinh MH, Odorico M, Bellanger L, Jacquemond M, Parot P, Pellequer JL. (2011).
Tobacco mosaic virus as an AFM tip calibrator.
JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR RECOGNITION. 24: 503-510. IF:02,959 (Article) [iBEB/SBTN] Lien vers le web


Vanderauwera S, Suzuki N, Miller G, Van De Cotte B, Morsa S, Ravanat J L, Hegie A, Triantaphylides C, Shulaev V, Van Montagu M C E, Van Breusegem F, Mittler R. (2011).
Extranuclear protection of chromosomal DNA from oxidative stress.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 108: 1711-1716. IF:09,432 (Article) [iBEB/SBVME] Lien vers le web

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