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The DSV at a glance

Within the CEA, the mission of the Life Sciences Division (DSV, Direction des sciences du vivant) is to respond to major societal challenges : energy and health.

In these two fields, the DSV’s teams combine outstanding research and technological developments to produce knowledge, innovate and create economic value.

The DSV supports the development of national partnerships and takes part in European and international research networks.

The DSV’s technical facilities, integrated into national infrastructures, are open to the scientific community.

The DSV has an active policy in the valorization of its skills and results.

The DSV in numbers

1 250 CEA researchers, engineers and technicians
450 researchers, engineers and technicians from research partner organizations

A dynamic of openness

  • 22 mixed research units
  • 250 foreign researchers hosted annually
  • Nearly 800 current collaborations with foreign institutions, particularly universities
  • 950 scientific publications (in 2012), with more than 50% co-authored with foreign collaborators
  • Approximately 100 projects financed by the European Commission since the beginning of the 7th Framework Program
  • 230 PhD students, of which one-third are funded by an international program through the CEA

An active policy of valorization

  • 164 active patents
  • 46 licences
  • 16 start-ups
  • More than  70 new industrial contracts per year
  • 207 million euros budget in 2012 including 133 million euros from State subsidies
  • And 74 million from external revenues
  • Of which 17 million came from industry contracts

Localisation and organisation

8 institutes based in 6 CEA centers : Saclay, Fontenay-aux-Roses, Bruyères-le-Châtel, Grenoble, Cadarache, Marcoule


Institute of Environmental Biology and Biotechnology, IBEB


Institute of Biology and Technology Saclay, IBITECS


Institute of Structural Biology, IBS


Genome Institute, IG


Institute of Biomedical Imaging, I2BM


Institute of Emerging Diseases and Innovative Therapies, IMETI


Institute of Cellular and Molecular Radiobiology, IRCM


Institute of Life Sciences Research and Technologies, IRTSV


With teams in Caen, Paris, Nice, Orsay, Bordeaux, Evry, Jouy-en-Josas

The DSV represents the CEA in AVIESAN, the national alliance coordinating French research in life sciences and health. It is fully involved in AllEnvi, the national alliance for environmental sciences.

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